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Marijuana glass smoking pipes, bongs, spoons, sliders & chillums. If you are looking for a new or replacement glass pipe, spoon, chillum or cool water bong, then look no further... Your marijuana never had it so good!

Excellent Pipes is a Czech company specializing in the production of fine, hand-blown glass pipes of the highest quality Pyrex glass.

We offer companies that specialize in custom blown and treated Pyrex glass pipes, bowls, bongs, spoons, chillums and more. Purchase enough and get free freight, pay no tax, and your savings continue to grow (pun intended). Then catch a buzz and wait for your package to arrive... that's it! YOU SAVE VERY BIG.

Do not forget your friends when you're shopping...

The perfect gift for some of your friends is the one nobody really thought about. Wouldn't you appreciate a new glass pipe? What friend buys something like that for you? A friend who knows you, and knows what you like. So pick-up a couple. I'm sure you know a few people who would like these type of 'personal' gifts.

Think of how great that fresh
bud will taste in new glass!